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Tamra Simons- Your Utah Home Matchmaker

Tamra Simons- Your Utah Home Matchmaker

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Tamra began her career in real estate over 14 years ago. Whew! Where has the time gone!

She started her career here in Utah as a Real Estate Appraiser and then became a full-time sales agent. When it comes to knowing what a home is worth...Tamra knows! Then, just a few years later, came the 'Time-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named.' Otherwise known as the Market Crash of 2007.

So, like any industrious Agent, Tamra honed her skills in the Short Sale & Foreclosure market. (She holds professional designations in both!) And let me tell you, she's one tough negotiator! Have you every negotiated against a BIG Bank and won? Because, Tamra has....many, many times! She's skilled, knowledgeable and EXCITED to put all of that hard-won experience to work for you!


She has a secret identity! Tamra is also a professional book Reviewer and Blogger, soon to be published, Author. You may have read some of her book reviews already and didn't realize it! She is a Copywriting Queen!

Tamra Simons, Your Utah Home Matchmaker, I Don't Sell Homes, I Sell A Lifestyle! I sell places where families come together dreams come true and memories are made.

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