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What to expect when moving to Magna, UT

A beautiful metro-township located in Salt Lake County, Magna is a wonderful choice for those looking to move to the Salt lake area. In fact, the township is a mere 15 miles from Salt Lake City, making it an ideal choice for anyone who wants to enjoy everything the city has to offer without living in the heart of the city.

Though it was officially granted Township status a mere 20 years ago, and Metro Township status as recently as 2017, the area has been lived in for many years before that. Originally known as Pleasant Green, settlers began populating the area as far back as 1868.

Today, Magna is a beautiful part of Salt Lake County which manages to incorporate both it’s historic nature, while continuing to grow and develop. The township is largely a residential community with a population of around 28,000.

After a population explosion in the 1970’s, its population has grown by about 5,000 every ten years, and with plans in place to develop the old mining land into urban centers, you can be sure the community will continue to grow and improve for years to come.

Many homes in the area were built between the 70’s and 90’s during the first population boom, but currently developers are working in the area right now to provide new lodgings for residents.

Schools in Magna

Educational excellence in Magna

Schools in Magna are located in the Granite School District, which is made up of a number of elementary schools, middle schools and high schools. Schools in the Granite School District value academic excellence, and the educators who work with Magna students are focused on helping the next generation of innovators get prepared for the future through their educational pursuits.

While there are a number of schools in the Granite School District, there are 7 contained in Magna itself. 5 of these are elementary schools, Copper Hills, Lake Ridge, Elk Run, Pleasant Green, and Magna Elementary.

Brockbank Junior High School was closed in 2016, and combined with Cyprus High School, making Matheson Junior High the only junior high school in the area.

If you’re the parent of a student in the area, you can be sure your child will be prepared for their future, whether they choose to pursue continuing education or join the workforce after highschool.

For more information on the schools I mentioned above, be sure to click the links below to visit their official websites and learn more:


Elementary Schools

Copper Hills Elementary

Elk Run Elementary

Lake Ridge Elementary

Pleasant Green Elementary

Magna Elementary


Secondary Schools

Matheson Junior High

Cyprus High

Things to do in Magna

Magna, UT: From the waterfront to the storefront

Magna is located along Great Salt Lake, making it a wonderful place to live if you enjoy beautiful sunsets and spending your time around the water. The area also has some beautiful views of the nearby Oquirrh Mountains, and contains Silver Sands Beach. This beach has no natural shoreline, so the amount of land to water varies on any given day. This has left the area largely unspoiled.

The waterfront is far from the only activity here in Magna, however – As the area is so close to Salt lake City, there’s always something new to experience nearby. From ghost tours to aquariums, and everything in between, there’s plenty to see and do whether you’re going alone or bringing your family along.

Below is a collection of the 10 most popular places to visit as rated by Yelp. Click any of the links below to read more about these exciting places in and around Magna:

Grimm Ghost Tours

Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

Utah Flying Trapeze

Utah Bubble Balls

Skydive Utah

Great Salt Lake State Park


Mobile Escape

Utah Olympic Oval

Ethnic & Mining Museum of Magna

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